My Food Travel Bucket List: Manifesting 2021 And Beyond

Ever considered creating a food travel bucket list? Do you remember that feel good film with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? Like that, but with more food! Here’s a little push from the universe!

Food Travel Is The New Travel

We will travel again. And when we do, travel will never be the same again. My hope is that will travel more mindfully and responsibly and that we’ll turn to slow travel when possible. I predict that at long last #sustainabletourism will be trending over #overtourism. I also predict that food travel/ gastro tourism/ culinary trips – you name it – will continue to rise in popularity as they had been pre covid. I hope this unprecedented long break in travel will make us appreciate every destination we visit in the future so much more. And with it its food.

When we travel again, we’ll be starved – pun very much intended – of new flavors.

We made enough pasta at home during the pandemic, and ordered enough pizza and burger take outs. When we travel again, we’ll be starved – pun very much intended – of new flavors. Use this time to fantasize about foreign cuisines. I invite you to dream a little and write up your dream culinary adventures: make your food travel bucket list. Here’s mine for inspiration.

Here’s to traveling again soon and to your food travel dreams!

I actually created it a few years ago and by now I’ve ticked off around half. Have you been following my foodie adventures on @eightyflavors? Do you remember which ones are already crossed off the list? I will soon update the post accordingly, but I’ll give you a chance to guess first. ūüėČ

In the meantime, I encourage you to join the manifesting fun: create your own list (doesn’t have to be long, aim for 10 experiences!). When you’re done, comment below, tag me or DM on Instagram. A (foodie) dream is more powerful when shared!

Gaby’s Food Travel Bucket List

  1. Kunafah, Biberli Ekmek and other Turkish delicacies in Hatay (Antioch) 
  2. Ramen and Yakitori in Fukuoka 
  3. Bellini at Harry’s Bar in Venice¬†
  4. Sushi at Jiro’s, Tokyo¬†
  5. Fish Curry in Kerala 
  6. Margarita Pizza in Naples 
  7. A cup of Ceylon tea at a Sri Lankan tea plantation  
  8. Mole in Oaxaca 
  9. Afternoon Tea at Harrods, London 
  10. Sri Lankan Breakfast 
  11. Dinner at Cellar Can Roca, Catalonia 
  12. Fish Tacos in Ensenada, Baja California 
  13. Reykiavik Hot Dog Stand 
  14. Guiness, Cabbage Stew and Soda Bread in Dublin 
  15. Wine Country Roadtrip and Garden Route, South Africa 
  16. Tostadas at Mercado Michoacan, Mexico City 
  17. Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago 
  18. Pierogi in Poland 
  19. Beers and Pretzels at Oktoberfest, Munich 
  20. Paella in Valencia 
  21. Pilmeni in Siberia 
  22. Gazpacho vs Salmorejo, plus Tapas in Andalucia 
  23. Sambaza fish and banana beer in Kigali, Rwanda 
  24. Bordeaux Wine Tour 
  25. Vegan Feast of Injera Bread with Wots (Curries) in Ethiopia 
  26. Napa and Sonoma Wine Tour 
  27. Tom Yum and Pad Thai in Thailand 
  28. New South Wales Wine Tour, Australia 
  29. Attend an Aussie Barbecue 
  30. Aussie Pie and Mash in Bondi Beach, Sydney 
  31. Pintxo Crawl in San Sebastian, Basque Country 
  32. Basque Cider House 
  33. Dinner at Quique Da Costa, Denya, Spain 
  34. Vodka and Herring in Moscow 
  35. Khachapouri in Georgia 
  36. Tapas and Wine Crawl in Logrono, La Rioja 
  37. California Burrito in San Diego, California 
  38. Dirty Martinis at Musso and Frank’s, Hollywood¬†
  39. Vesper Martinis at Duke’s Bar, London (where the martini and James Bond were created)¬†
  40. Ceviche in Peru 
  41. Explore Cafe Culture of Lahore, Pakistan 
  42. Dinner at Central/Kjolle in Lima 
  43. Breakfast of Gallo Pinto, Costa Rica 
  44. Fish and Chips by the sea in England 
  45. Rocotos Rellenos at a Picanteria in Arequipa, Peru 
  46. Scotch Whisky Tasting in Scotland 
  47. Poutine in Canada 
  48. Street taco crawl in Los Angeles 
  49. Coffee ceremony in Ethiopia 
  50. Dinner at Osteria Franciscana, Modena 
  51. Fried Artichokes in the Jewish Ghetto, Rome 
  52. Roman thin crust pizza in Rome 
  53. Czech fried cheese (SmaŇĺen√Ĺ S√Ĺr)¬†and beer in Prague¬†
  54. Cabbage Soup (Kwasnica) at Morskie Oko in Zakopane, Poland 
  55. Manhattan Cocktail in Manhattan, NYC 
  56. Mai Tai at Don the Beachcomber in Hawaii 
  57. Poke, Plate Lunch, Garlic Shrimp and Shave Ice in Hawaii 
  58. Happy Hour Buffet in Milan 
  59. A Slice of Cheese Pizza in NYC 
  60. Dinner at Magnus Nillson’s Faviken in Sweden¬†
  61. Tagine in Morocco 
  62. Dinner at Atelier Crenn in San Francisco 
  63. Saffron Risotto alla Milanese in Milan 
  64. Attend a Luau in Hawaii 
  65. Late Night (Vegetarian) Doner in Berlin 
  66. (Vegan) Currywurst in Berlin 
  67. Rakija Shots in Croatia 
  68. Attend an Indian Wedding 
  69. Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji street crawl in Mumbai 
  70. Punjabi Food Tour, Punjab 
  71. Vaisakhi Sikh Spring Festival in Surrey, Vancouver, British Columbia 
  72. Green Chile Hall of Flame in the Hatch Valley, New Mexico 
  73. Pão de queijo cheese balls in Brazil 
  74. Leah Chase’s Gumbo and Peach Cobbler at Dookie Chase, New Orleans¬†
  75. Jambalaya, Po Boys, Creole Shrimp and Oysters in New Orleans 
  76. Sazerac Cocktail at the Carusel Bar, NOLA 
  77. Garlic Soup and Knedliki (bread dumplings) in Bratislava, Slovakia 
  78. Momos in Kathmandu, Nepal 
  79. Lunch of Smorrebrod and Schnapps in Copenhagen, Denmark 
  80. Octopus at a Galician Pulperia, Spain
  81. Papas Arrugadas in Canary Islands 
  82. Mojitos in Havana 
  83. Coffee House and Sacher Cake in Vienna, Austria 
  84. Daiquiri at Hemingway’s favorite – La Floridita, Havana¬†
  85. Goulash in Budapest, Hungary 
  86. Conch Fritters and Key Lime Pie in Key West, Florida 
  87. Caipirinas in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro 
  88. First Nations’ Bannock Bread and Wild Salmon in Vancouver, Canada¬†
  89. Turkish Breakfast in Istanbul 
  90. Limonada de Coco and Fish with Coconut Rice in Cartagena, Colombia 
  91. Koshari Street Crawl in Cairo, Egypt 
  92. Thanksgiving Dinner (with Tofurkey) in the USA 
  93. Pisco Sours in Pisco, Peru 
  94. Wine Tour of Chile 
  95. Empanadas in Buenos Aires, Argentina 
  96. Mormon Funeral Potatoes in Salt Lake City, Utah 
  97. Tortellini in Bologna 
  98. Beignets at Cafe du Monde, French quarter, New Orleans 
  99. Salbutes, Panuchos and other Mayan specialties in Yucatan, Mexico 
  100. Lobster Rolls at Roy Moore in Gloucester, a favorite of Anthony Bourdain
  101. Boston Cream Pie in Boston, Massachusetts 
  102. Coffee in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle¬†
  103. Greek Salad in Greece 
  104. Go Truffle Hunting in Italy 
  105. Go on a vegan small boat Norwegian Fjords cruise¬†(that’s a thing!)

What’s on YOUR food travel bucket list? Share in the comments below!


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